_23. September 2011


It's been ages since my last update here on danielkiessler.com

Sorry about that!

But before I post some more news in the next couple of weeks concerning my second artbook here's a quick reminder of my latest poster which is distributed by Reinders Posters.

It is entitled "TEMPTATION" and available in the size of 91x61cm.

You can order it directly through their online shop

You might also want check out the "store locator" to find the nearest shop that sells it.

As always, check out my shop at posterlounge.com where I also added a bunch of new, digitally colored pics from my second book.
All images are available as oversize posters and canvas prints!

More news will follow real soon!



_28. November 2010


I answered a few very interesting questions for the current issue no. 38 of the german gothic music magazine DARK SPY.
Feel free to check out my double pager of answers and art and buy this magazine in every good bookstore or newspaper stand.

Personal thanks go out to the interviewer Jenzzz who is also running a disturbingly good art magazine called INSIDE artzine. Visit his website and buy his stuff.
It's a great hell of a ride...

More news will follow when we have them.



_28. October 2010


After spending the last 10 months in artistic seclusion I finally completed the work on my 2. artbook.

The book, which was originally scheduled for late 2010, will now be released in early 2011 by SQP Inc.

The 48- pager will contain 30 new works that I created together with the artist José A. Cano. He provided the digital coloring over my pencil drawings and did a fantastic job.
The book is completed with new photorealistic graphite art of mine, sketches, studies and commission works that I created throughout the last 12 months.

I have uploaded 4 colored images as preview on my portfolio- site on deviantART.
Feel free to check them out here.

More news will follow when we have them.



_10. November 2009

NEXT SHOW at gallery „Fördergesellschaft zeitgenössischer Kunst“ in Essen (Germany) on 24. November 2009 / 2 NEW DRAWINGS / ONLINE SHOP

8 of my works will be shown at the gallery „Fördergesellschaft zeitgenössischer Kunst mbH“ in Essen (Germany) from 24. November till 24. December 2009.

The show is entitled YEAR END 2009 and the vernissage will be on 24. November from 18:00h – 21:00h.

I have created 2 new graphite drawings especially for this event and they will be on display for one month.

We have also uploaded these new works (classic 01 and classic 02) in our online gallery.

Due to technical problems beyond our control we will close our online shop this week and will re- launch a new version in the next months.
It will then include a new selection of limited signed and numbered editions of my works and signed copies of my art books.
Of course, you can still buy posters and open editions at posterlounge.de

Do not hesitate to write me an e-mail if you have any questions concerning my prints or originals.



_5. October 2009


I am very happy to announce that my next art book will be released in 2010 by SQP Inc.

„The Art of Daniel Kiessler Vol. 2“ will be a 48 pager with completely new images and graphic works of mine.
It will include both, my highly realistic graphite drawings and this time also images in FULL COLOR!
I don’t want to give too much away right now but I have teamed up with an extraordinary colorist who is providing digital coloring for my art.

The decision to add color to my works came, I would say, overnight.

As much as I love the monochrome pencil work, I’ve collected images in my archive throughout the years that have waited a very long time to be done... in color. Some images work only in graphite, others don’t.

So this book will contain a great variety of erotic portraits like you’ve never seen it in my art before... and probably never will again.
It’s an experiment, an adventure, a trip to color, back to the roots of my art and then straight forward to new dimensions of my graphite style.

As a preview, we have uploaded 3 selected colored images in our shop.

They are available as limited, signed and numbered giclée prints and can be purchased in 2 sizes.




_19. September 2009

Daniel Kiessler in TATTOO EROTICA #9

My art is featured in the September issue of Germanys biggest selling photo- erotic magazine called TATTOO EROTICA.
The quarterly book contains a massive selection of tattooed erotic models, beautifully shot by various photographers.
It presents 9 of my works and an exclusive 6 page-interview with me.
Here’s a sneak preview to the cover.
Be sure to check out the official website of TATTOO EROTICA for updates and news about the book.

An advice for all the collectors of you:
Get your copy while you can or order directly online here.
The book always tends to sell out very fast!

More news coming real soon.



_29. August 2009

Daniel Kiessler in MARQUIS Magazine #46

One of the world’s leading magazines for fetish culture and alternative lifestyle, the MARQUIS Magazine, is featuring my works in their latest issue #46.
This feature also includes a brand new graphite drawing of the cover model Susan Wayland, that I have exclusively created for this issue.

So, get your copy directly here in the MARQUIS online shop or at every other good bookstore.



_21. July 2009


We are back from our trip to Chicago.

The vernissage at GALLERY PROVOCATEUR was amazing.

We would like to thank Veronika Kotlajic and her whole team for this wonderful event and for making that night the grand final of our stay in this beautiful city.
Also thanks to the cool and crazy people that we had the pleasure to meet there. You know who you are.
You can also check out a series of photos that were taken during the reception by Joe Weinshenker.
Watch them here.

There will be 2 more events for this exhibition.
Next one is:

Saturday, Aug. 8th, 8pm – 12am. Be sure to check it out when you are anywhere near Chicago!

Now back in the studio I continue the work on my next book and finish one of my rare comic book variant covers that I am doing together with my good old friend and artist companion Tom3k Schukalla.

My art will also be featured in 2 cool magazines in the upcoming weeks.
I will post the release dates here as soon as I have them, so keep on checking back.



_13. June 2009


Daniel Kiessler has created a new photorealstic drawing of the model DRAKAINA.
The drawing will be featured in the upcoming art book „DRAKAINA - MASTERS“ published by SQP Inc. (USA). Release date is 2010.

We also added 2 new works (skull_01 and skull_02) to our online gallery.



_1. May 2009

1. GALLERY PROVOCATEUR, CHICAGO, 27. June – 30. September 2009

6 works of Daniel Kiessler will be on dislplay at the upcoming show at GALLERY PROVOCATEUR in Chicago, USA.
The show runs from 27. June to 30. September 2009.
Daniel Kiessler will be attending the vernissage in Chicago on 27. June.
The vernissage also includes the official book presentation of his new artbook „The Art of Daniel Kiessler“ where the artist will sign copies of the book.

For additional information about the show please visit the website of GALLERY PROVOCATEUR.


Daniel Kiessler’s new artbook is out now!

You can buy signed copies, limited collectors editions and exclusive original art editions at our new online shop.


We have now launched our new online shop.

There you will find a great selection of Daniel Kiessler’s limited editions of giclée fine art prints that are exclusively sold only on this website.
We also offer original artwork, books and magazines, posters and postcards, various collectors editions and other rare Kiessler stuff that is hard to find or sold out.

In the next weeks we will regularly update the shop with new material so be sure to check back often.

Visit the shop here!


We also installed a new online gallery that includes some new selected works of Daniel Kiessler.

We have also added additional information about measurements and mediums to each drawing.

Please note that a lot of original art is for sale. If you are interested in buying a rare original just send us an e-mail for pricing and availability.


For those of you who are interested in high quality canvas prints and oversize prints of Daniel Kiessler’s art please visit his page on posterlounge.de

Great quality and worldwide shipping!




As you might have recognised the release of my first artbook „The Art of Daniel Kiessler“ has been postponed with reasons beyond my control.
The good news is that, finally, the book is at the printer while I’m writing these words. It is now also listed in the „coming soon“ section by my publisher
www.sqpinc.com which means that the book will be released within the next few weeks.

I am currently working on some new stuff here and updated my „links“ on this website.

I am also now on DeviantArt, a platform for artists, illustrators, photographers and fans of the genre.
I am using this forum to present my art, of course, but also show some of my older works there (from ink to digital coloring and some of my works from the comic biz where I was working as a freelance inker years ago).
So, check out my space if you like to under

More info will follow soon.

Three of my drawings (2 Mädchen, Bianca 02, Bianca 03) are among the winning artworks that are now released in a high quality artbook called „The World’s Greatest Erotic Art of Today“ Volume II.
The book presents selected artworks of the winning artists who took part in the competition of Erotic Signature in 2007 and shows a great variety of erotic art in the categories Fine Art, Digital Art, Photography and Sculpture.
The book has 270 pages and is sold worldwide by ES Publishing. Hard Covers and Soft Covers can be purchased directly at www.eroticsignature.com or at every good bookstore.



A short notice for those of you who didn’t read it on my old website.

My first artbook will be published worldwide by SQP, Inc. later this year.

It will contain selected drawings of mine between 2004-2008 and comes in two versions.
A very limited hardcover- edition and the regular softcover. Signed and numbered copies of both versions will be sold here directly over my website as well as on
I’ll post the release date as soon as I have it so keep on checking back regulary.



The re- designed website of Daniel Kiessler is now online.

Enjoy the new content and the online gallery where we improved the resolution of the artworks for your viewing pleasure.
More news will follow as soon as our shop is finally installed here.
Until then, enjoy the site.

Book Cover
"The Art of Daniel Kiessler"